AXEL Airdrop

Token SymbolAXEL
Estimated value$26
Expiry date30 Sep, 2018
Published date15/09/2018

Token Overview

AXEL - 1,300 AXEL (~$26)
AXEL is a distributed network that is providing users with a powerful platform to exchange digital assets without compromising privacy or control. With the AXEL network, creators can keep full ownership of their content, data, and digital assets. ICO price: 1 AXEL = 0.02 USD.

1) Go to the AXEL AirDrop form,
you can use the following referral code: 807025972 (THANKS)!!
2) Submit your email and Ethereum wallet address (ERC2.0) to the Airdrop form and submit. (+500 AXEL)

Now complete some social media tasks:

3) Join Axel on Telegram. (+100 AXEL) 👉
4) Join Axel on Twitter. (+100 AXEL)👉
5) Subscribe to AXEL on Reddit. (+100 AXEL)👉
6) Signup for the free online APP (or download the AXEL APP for IOS, Android and/or desktop). (+500 AXEL) Android&Iphone 👉
7) Submit your social details to the second AirDrop form.

8) Click here to start the Telegram BOT (+600 AXEL extra)👉

Share your referral code to earn +500 AXEL tokens.


Token Requirement





Wallet ERC20 / ETH

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End in: 30 Sep, 2018

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