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Catatan Abraham Yusuf Adalah Blog untuk Catatan Pengembangan Diri Secara Personal, Namun ditulis sebagai text dan disampaikan melalui blog dan sosial media agar siapapun bisa ikut belajar bersama.

Abraham Yusuf

CO-Founder Santri Salafi Academy (SSA)

Blog Tempat Berbagi Cerita Dan Pengalaman Teknologi Era 4.0

From Any Idea To Sharing It!

  1. Build
    From Any Idea, I Will Share All About Knowledge Base. So That Anyone Can Come To Learn And Earn With Me.
  2. Tech
    Technology Is A New Thing That Cannot Be Separated From Humans Today, We Really Need It But We Have To Learn A Lot More, Like A Web Development, Blockchain Tecnology And Cryptocurrency. New For Open Money And Dapps For Open Web.
  3. Care
    Sharing is Caring!.

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